How to play Crazy Time – effective strategies

One of the reasons for the high interest in Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time slot show is the great potential for strategizing. The slot does not require from the player a certain style of play. You can make minimal bets and regularly win small amounts of money or risk your entire bankroll at once.

The chances of winning depend largely on the section in which you prefer to bet. For players choosing the numbers 1, 2, 5 or 10, the probability of winning a prize is between 10% and 50%. The bonus rounds Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time fall out much less frequently, but the size of the winnings is impressive – up to $500.000.

The casino advantage ranges from 3.9% to 5.6%. This means that if you play a long game, you get back about 95% of your bets. However, with the use of an effective Crazy Time strategy, this figure can be increased. We have picked out some effective betting methods for different types of players.

crazy time strategies
Crazy Time Game Strategy

Betting on Numbers (Minimal Risk)

The strategy is designed for those who prefer a cautious approach to playing Crazy Time, emphasizing consistency and stability. This method involves betting exclusively on numbers, which allows you to cover 45 sections out of 54. The probability of winning in such a case is 83.3%.

To implement the strategy, you must bet $2 each on the “10”, “5” and “2” sections, and $4 on the “1” section. The smallest return you can expect is $8 if the wheel stops on sections 1 or 2. If you are lucky enough to hit section 10, you can expect to increase your bankroll by $22.

Betting on numbers is one of the Crazy Time strategies that is designed for people who enjoy the show. In most cases, you will simply avoid a loss or make minimal gains. There is little risk of losing the entire bet, but even in the case of bad luck, the loss is easy to make up for.

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Betting a small percentage of the bankroll (Low Risk)

This tactic does not involve strict guidelines of the sectors you should bet on. The player can choose the numbers or bonus fields that he likes the most. The only condition is that the bet should not exceed a certain percentage of the bankroll (usually 1-3%). For example, if you have allocated $100 for a gaming session, a single bet should not exceed $3.

On the one hand, this method does not guarantee a win. However, its purpose is to avoid losing money quickly, without limiting the player’s imagination. Statistically, the longer a person plays, the higher his chances of winning big. Think of this strategy as a legit Crazy Time casino hack, allowing you to maximize your enjoyment of the show and replenish your bankroll with good luck.

Increasing Bets (Medium Risk)

Like the minimum risk strategy, here you will also be betting on the numbers. The difference lies in the size of the bet:

  • $1 on sector 1 (1:1 payout ratio);
  • $2 on sector 2 (2:1);
  • $5 on sector 5 (5:1);
  • $10 on sector 10 (10:1).

With high wheel coverage, the risk here is quite high. Thanks to the Crazy Time odds, you make a sizable profit on high level sectors (5 and 10). If the wheel stops at 1 or 2, you just partially compensate for the losses. 

This method is a compromise between risk and reward. It is recommended to try it for those who already have some experience in the Crazy Time game.

crazy time tricks
Crazy Time Information

Betting on Bonus Sectors (High Risk)

This Crazy Time strategy will suit players who have a sizeable bankroll and want to achieve big wins. You should concentrate on the 9 sections that provide for the start of the bonus rounds. The odds of success are only 16.67%, but the potential prize can be 20,000 times your bet.

An aggressive tactic involves betting $2 on the Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time segments. At the same time, you need to allocate $4 to the Coin Flip sector. To reduce risk, you should allocate a sufficient amount of money per play session. Bonus rounds occur approximately once per 9 draws, and if your bankroll runs out early, you will be at a disadvantage. 

For an unbiased assessment of risk, we suggest looking at the RTP bonus rounds Crazy Time:

Bonus GameRTP
Crazy Time94,41%
Cash Hunt 95,27%
Coin Flip95,7%

The emphasis on bonuses is suitable for brave players who are aware of the risk. With an unsuccessful series, you could be losing money for days. But the potential winnings can not only return the lost, but also bring a big profit. 

Crazy Strategy for Crazy Time (Very High Risk)

What is the most memorable thing about gambling? Hardly the arrival of several dollars in the account after implementing a safe strategy. If you agree with this statement, be sure to try this method. It is he in case of success will bring the brightest emotions and a big win Crazy Time. 

To implement this plan, you must bet only on one sector. The chances of it falling out are only 1.85%, which is even lower than in classic roulette. But the secret is that the field “Crazy Time” promises huge winnings to those who decided to take a risk. Therefore, even with small chances of winning, the method is a great success among both streamers and ordinary players. 

For convenience, you can use the function of automatic bet repetition. In this case, you will only have to relax and watch the draws in anticipation of victory. 

This and other Crazy Time strategies can be tried at our selected casinos. We have selected only establishments with the most attractive bonuses, which will allow you to bring your game plans to life without significant financial losses.

odds crazy time
Crazy Time Big Win

Crazy Time RTP

Crazy Time’s RTP is approximately 96.08%, which is quite high for gambling. A similar payout ratio to the player show modern slots, and playing roulette and poker is less profitable. It is important to consider that the RTP is calculated on the basis of a large number of draws. Over a short period of time, the return to the player may be slightly lower or higher. Therefore, you should pay attention to the coefficient only when you continue playing. 

Crazy Time game has a high volatility. This means that you will get larger winnings, but less frequently. The tendency is especially noticeable in the bonus rounds of the game. For players who prefer betting on numbers the volatility drops to medium. 

rtp crazy time
Crazy Time Prediction

How to play Crazy Time: Notes for beginners

Just a few tips will make the game more fun and help you avoid common mistakes: 

  • Don’t place more bets until you get comfortable with the game. The rules of Crazy Time may seem complicated for beginners. First, understand the mechanics of the show and experiment with minimum bet strategies. 
  • Diversify your bets. In the beginning, don’t emphasize one sector, much less the bonus rounds. Try to use the safe Crazy Time strategies suggested above. Once you have enough experience you can move on to more risky methods. 
  • Examine the Crazy Time odds. It is important to remember that each sector has a different probability of falling out. For example, the “1” segment occurs 21 times on the game wheel, while the Coin Flip bonus field occurs only 2 times. 
  • Pay attention to the multipliers. This option allows you to increase your winnings on a certain bet or increase the values in the bonus game.

And finally, the most important rule: play only with money specifically allocated for betting. Set clear limits on your spending and do not exceed them, even with a successful series. Think of Crazy Time as a game, not as a means of making money. 


Is there an effective Crazy Time predictor?

The show is live, making it impossible to influence or predict the results of the draw. There is no effective software that can determine in advance which rounds will fall on the wheel

However, the Crazy Time predictor can be the history of the draws. With its help, you can identify trends and develop a reliable strategy. 

Are there any services that provide a Crazy Time chart?

Today, you can find many sites that provide detailed statistics on the game. Some of them provide win charts, which allows you to create your own betting methodology or improve an existing one.

What is the Crazy Time slot show and how does its betting system work?

Evolution Crazy Time doesn’t mandate a specific style of play. Players have the flexibility to make minimal bets and win small amounts regularly or to risk their entire bankroll in a single play. The game is unique in that the chances of winning vary significantly based on the chosen betting section.

What is the RTP in Crazy Time and how does it influence the gameplay?

Approximate Return to Player (RTP) is 96.08%. The volatility of the game ranges from medium to high, and depending on the Crazy Time bet.

Is there a guaranteed way to win at Crazy Time?

No, there is no way to win a large amount of money quickly. However, if you play Crazy Time regularly, you are guaranteed to win nice cash prizes.

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