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Games with live dealers are very popular at online casinos. Visitors like to touch the atmosphere of the gambling establishment while they are in a familiar environment. But what if we told you that you could participate in a TV show without leaving home? If you are interested in this offer, be sure to play Crazy Time. Participating in the game provides thrills and a chance to win over $500,000. Become a part of a super-popular TV show and start your quest for impressive prizes.

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Crazy Time Update

Basic Rules of Crazy Time Game

Crazy Time is a dynamic live casino game with a huge money wheel and four bonus games developed by Evolution Gaming. It offers players unique and interactive ways to win real money.

The host launches the Crazy Time wheel, which features 54 cells. You can bet on the numbers 1, 2, 5 or 10 as well as the bonus sectors. Winners are determined by the spin result. You can win a small amount or become a participant of a special round that promises a large replenishment of the bankroll.

Broadcasting is carried out 24 hours a day. This gives millions of people from different time zones the opportunity to play Crazy Time whenever it suits them. Another reason for the popularity of the game is its high RTP, which reaches 95.4%.

A balanced combination of atmosphere, high chances of winning and the charisma of the croupier ensures undying interest in the game. Join Crazy Time casino online and you will be part of an exciting spectacle that can bring huge winnings.

?ProviderEvolution Gaming
?BonusesCash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip. Crazy time
?Max. multiplier12,500X
?Min. multiplier2x
?Range of ratesfrom 0.1 $ to 100 $
?Max. Win$500,000

What you Need to Know About Crazy Time Today?

Crazy Time Live is an exciting online casino game with a variety of betting options. The draw is made using the wheel of fortune. With four bonus games, the gambling show has deep strategic potential.

Crazy Time Casino goes beyond traditional live gambling entertainment by offering a game show format. During the broadcast, a croupier spins a money wheel that features standard and specialty sectors.

The bonus games players most look forward to are Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and of course the eponymous Crazy Time. During these rounds, the average winnings are significantly increased. In addition, the show becomes more dynamic, giving bright emotions.

Evolution Crazy Time Live requires strategic gameplay and bankroll management. Players can utilize online resources to refine their betting strategies and improve their chances of success.

Crazy Time casino game goes beyond just gaming. You don’t have to take part, but simply watch the action and enjoy yourself. But sooner or later, you’ll be tempted to try. And then you will become a member of the phenomenal Crazy Time game and get a great chance to increase your budget.

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Crazy Time Evolution Gaming: How the Legend Began

Swedish company Evolution Gaming, a pioneer in live dealer games, has been redefining the online casino experience since 2006. The provider offers high-quality live streaming and an authentic casino atmosphere.

The real revolution came in 2020 with the launch of Crazy Time. It is the pinnacle of Evolution Gaming’s innovation, combining a money wheel, a top slot and four exciting bonus games into a single interactive spectacle.

The game’s significance is evidenced by the relentless interest of the audience. Every day the broadcast is visited by hundreds of thousands of people. In addition, for the game Crazy Time the developer received many awards in the field of iGaming.

Basics of Crazy Time Gameplay

At its core, top slot Crazy Time consists of 3 components:

  • The large Money Wheel, segmented into numbers and bonus game sections.
  • Crazy Time bet on the segment that the player thinks will fall next. The chosen sector largely determines the level of risk. The cells that trigger the mini game are only 9, while all the multipliers occupy 43 segments.
  • Presenters who competently maintain audience interest and encourage them to keep playing Crazy Time.

Each component is critical. It is the totality of these parts that made Crazy Time the game we love.

Benefits of the Live Casino Crazy Time

Crazy Time is deservedly popular among gambling fans around the world. Fans of the show can be found in Italy, Bangladesh, the Philippines, the Netherlands, the UK and a host of other countries. Evolution Gaming managed to create an unusual, but exciting attraction with unique functionality.

Crazy Time Casino Live offers interactive gameplay that enhances the player’s immersion in the process. The dealer interacts with the viewer as if they were in a studio. Add to that dynamic bonus games, and you have a live online game that promises an unforgettable experience.

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Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

The most interesting part of Evolution Crazy Time is the bonus rounds. Most spectators are waiting with bated breath for the wheel to stop on one of the 9 sectors that trigger mini-games: The Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, or Crazy Time.

Coin Flip

crazy time coin flip

The Coin Flip bonus game is triggered by 4 sectors on the wheel. During the round a coin with red and blue sides is flipped. The result of the toss depends on how many times the bet will be increased.

Profit in this round of Crazy Time can be from 2x to 100x. Additionally, you can increase your winnings if the multiplier wheel falls out when tossing the coin.

Cash Hunt 

crazy time cash hunt

The Cash Hunt bonus game is triggered by two sectors on the reel. Players are invited to select symbols that hide 108 bet multipliers.

Although the symbols are shuffled and the choice is ultimately a matter of preference, some visitors to Crazy Time casino online show consistency by choosing the same symbol each time. But even if their hope of maximizing their winnings doesn’t materialize, they are hardly left disappointed. It is impossible to lose in this round, and even small multipliers significantly increase the bankroll.


crazy time pachinko

Just two sectors on the wheel of fortune triggers the Pachinko bonus game. The host launches a virtual ball on the wall with many pegs. The participants’ winnings depend on the cell where the ball will land.

The minimum win in the mini-game is 10x of the bet.The record payout in this round was received in 2022 and amounted to 5600x. It is worth noting that the winning potential of Crazy Time is even higher.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

bonus round crazy time

A most welcome bonus round that appears once on the wheel. Players enter behind a red door into an amusement park-like world with a giant wheel. At the top of the wheel, players choose one of three colors. Containing bet multipliers, double and triple symbols, the wheel offers ample opportunities to win.

The Studio and Dealers

The broadcast of Crazy Time Live originates from a state-of-the-art studio located in Riga, Latvia. The studio features advanced visual and sound effects, enhancing player immersion and creating a real-life casino atmosphere. To manage growing player demand, Evolution Gaming launched an additional studio named Crazy Time A Live, also referred to as ‘Crazy Time 2’. This cutting-edge technology ensures a seamless and high-quality gaming experience for players.

The dealers at Crazy Time Live casino significantly contribute to the game’s entertainment value. They undergo extensive training to ensure high levels of professionalism in game management and engaging communication with players. The main dealers, Ilona and Oleg, are recognized for their charisma and contribute significantly to the game’s lively and fun atmosphere.

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Crazy Time Statistic

Betting on Crazy Time

Placing bets in casino live Crazy Time goes beyond mere chance. You can place bets on numbers (1, 2, 5, or 10) and/or the bonus games. Betting on numbers 1 or 2 offers a higher winning frequency because they represent the majority of wheel segments. However, numbers 5 and 10 offer higher payouts but have a lower probability of winning.

A conservative betting strategy is to place bets only on numbered segments, as they comprise 45 out of 54 wheel segments, increasing the chances of frequent wins. However, as players become more experienced, they can split their bets across different number spaces to manage risk. This approach can add an exciting layer of strategy to the game, making each spin a thrilling experience while also creating a unique spin history.

The Money Wheel and Top Slot

The Money Wheel and Top Slot are the most noticeable details in every Crazy Time live video. The Money Wheel features different segments including the numbers 1 (1x), 2 (2x), 5 (5x), 10 (10x), and special segments for bonus games: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. Each segment represents a potential outcome for the players, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement to the game.

The Top Slot performs several tasks:

  • Spins simultaneously with the Money Wheel
  • Determines potential multipliers or bonus game enhancements if its outcome aligns with the Money Wheel segment, also known as the spin result
  • Multipliers can significantly increase winnings when the Money Wheel lands on a number segment with a multiplier value.

Crazy Time App

Due to the growing demand for mobile gaming among online casino enthusiasts, the arrival of the Crazy Time app was a matter of time. Today, the game can be launched on most mobile devices. Choosing a smartphone or tablet, you will not lose either the image quality or functionality.

The key features of the mobile version of Crazy Time are the following:

Mobile app availability. The Crazy Time casino app is designed for mobile devices and can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS devices.

Game Features. The mobile version replicates the desktop game by providing all the same features. Players can interact with live dealers, place bets and participate in various bonus rounds.

Easy download and installation. The app can be easily found by searching for “CrazyTime” in the app store. The download and installation process is simple like other mobile apps. After installing the app, players can log into their existing account or register a new one to start playing.

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Top Online Casinos to Play Crazy Time Live

The popularity of casino live Crazy Time has reached global scale, enabling players from various countries to access the game at online casinos, either for free or with real money. Whether you’re in the United States, Europe, or Asia, you can enjoy the casino Crazy Time Live.

In the United States, Crazy Time Live started streaming from Evolution’s live casino studio in New Jersey. Platforms like Roobet and Leovegas facilitate play for US players. European countries have actively embraced Crazy Time casino live, with sites like Eurobet in Italy, Frank Casino and Fairspin in Portugal, and Roobet in the United Kingdom offering the game. Asian markets such as India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia also enjoy access to Crazy Time Live through online casinos like 365bet, Krikya, Jeetwin.

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Top Online Casinos for Crazy Time Live

A lot of online casinos offer to watch Crazy Time live score. These platforms not only provide access to the game but also offer enticing bonuses and promotions for players. By choosing the right online casino, players can enhance their gaming experience and increase their chances of winning.

Eurobet in Spain grants free spins to players, while 747 live and 365bet in the Philippines, and Roobet, Frank Casino, and Eurobet in Germany provide enticing welcome bonuses for Crazy Time Live enthusiasts. In India, casinos like 365bet and Leovegas offer multipliers and free spins upon registration. In Canada, casinos such as Roobet, 365bet, and Leovegas offer special bonuses for Crazy Time Live players. These bonuses significantly enhance the gaming experience by providing opportunities to maximize wins and reduce costs.

Crazy Time Login, Registration and Game Start

Starting to play Crazy Time at a reliable online casino is a straightforward process, typically taking just a few minutes. Here’s a consolidated guide to get you started:

  1. Select a Trusted Online Casino
  2. Select the registration option at the website, and fill out the required questionnaire.
  3. Deposit money using one of the available methods. Check for any welcome bonuses or free spins available for new players.
  4. Learn the Game Rules
  5. Place your bets on the Crazy Time wheel’s different segments. 

Watch as the live dealer spins the wheel. Participate in the game, engage in bonus rounds if applicable, and feel free to interact with the dealer and other players. 

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Where you can watch Crazy Time Video

Videos of big wins and significant gambling show moments are easy to find on youtube. Many guides and strategies for the game are also published there. 

Real emotions and reviews of players you will find in the Crazy Time live Video: 

  • On Twitch;
  • Facebook live;
  • Mixer;
  • InstaGib and other platforms.

The most popular site to watch Crazy Time Live is Twitch. Watching the show with you, bloggers share their own experiences, or explain nuances. This way of viewing has only one major drawback. Crazy Time live streaming on Twitch takes your attention away from the presenters, who are an important part of the attraction.


How to make money on Crazy Time?

To make money on Crazy Time, focus on accurately predicting the space where the wheel will land at the end of the spin. Betting on the 1 space, which has the highest number of occurrences on the wheel with 21, offers the safest option with a low payout of 1:1.

What is the highest payout on crazy time?

The highest payout on Crazy Time is 12,500x of your bet, and the maximum win through the Crazy Time bonus game is set at $500,000. Remember, it’s important to be realistic and not expect to win big every time you place a bet.

What is Crazy Time and how is it played?

Crazy Time is an online casino game with a spinning money wheel and bonus rounds: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. Players place bets on the wheel segments for different payouts or bonus round entries.

Who is the developer behind Crazy Time?

The developer behind Crazy Time is Evolution Gaming, a renowned leader in live dealer games known for its innovation and high-quality experiences.

Is it possible to hack Crazy Time?

No, the results of the wheel of fortune cannot be faked. There is no need to, because the game provides many opportunities to win. Develop your own strategy, and your budget will be regularly replenished.

What is Crazy Time A?

Due to the large number of players, an additional studio was opened, which was named Crazy Time A. It has the same game rules and the only difference is the presenters.

What are the bonus games in Crazy Time Live?

The bonus games in Crazy Time Live are Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time, which provide thrilling multiplier opportunities. Enjoy the variety of interactive experiences while playing!

What websites can I find out Crazy Time Live status?

Services like Tracksino and CasinoScores collect all available information about the gambling show. By visiting these sites you can find out about the latest draw results, the biggest wins, the frequency of bonus rounds and much more. Crazy Time Live status is essential for developing an effective strategy and proper budget management.

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